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UK Transport

Your SatNav for Public Transport.

Double and Thrice

Company name Double and Thrice Ltd.
Based in Coventry, United Kingdom
Founding date July 23, 2013
Website doubleandthrice​.com
Press / Business Contact
Phone +44 (7989) 743839

Company description

An independent iOS app development and contracting company founded by Amy Worrall.

UK Transport

Developer Double and Thrice Ltd.
Release Date 1 February, 2014 (version 1)
13 May, 2016 (version 2, with realtime support)
Platform iPhone and iPod Touch
Website uktransportapp​.com
Twitter @uktransportapp
Regular price £6.99

App Description

UK Transport is the first public transport journey planning app to support the whole of Britain, including the whole Transport for London network. With UK Transport you'll never get lost again. Plan a door-to-door journey between any two points. Visit unfamiliar cities without worrying you won't be able to get around. Know in advance when the last bus will leave. Make journeys that integrate buses, trains, coaches, ferries, trams, the Tube, and more.

Realtime data for trains (nationwide), London Underground, DLR, and buses (in supported areas) give you powerful information to help you conduct your journey.

Powered by SilverRail, an industry leading journey planner that powers over 75% of all UK rail searches, UK Transport brings together the UK's public transport data into one integrated system. Fed up with buses that don't meet up with trains? With UK Transport you can see all your journey options. It even shows the walking route to get you to the right stop.

The app’s developer, Amy Worrall, said “This app is like Satnav for public transport. It puts you in control of your journey, and helps you get where you need to be, especially when things go wrong.”



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